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Demolition requires thorough planning. And we will walk you through the process. All equipment is included in our quote so that there are no hidden costs or extra fees.

There are legalities to manage, such as applying for a council demolition permit. We are familiar with the rules and regulations that must be followed in order to comply.

Another aspect is identifying and managing hazardous materials such as silica dust, flammable or toxic liquids and asbestos containing materials and have clear protocols of how each need to be dealt with safely and according to regulations. Utilities have to be disconnected and checked before demolition day.

We will also discuss with you and map out the overall demolition process so that you know what is happening and in which order.

Generally, demolitions work from top down, so a roof will be removed before the walls are taken down. Salvaging happens throughout the demolition to ensure that materials that can be recycled, re-used and repurposed are resold, donated or trucked to recycling facilities. Minimal landfill is created due to this process. Hazardous waste is transported safely away from your site to ensure you are left with a clean and tidy environment. Our vehicles are EPA licensed to travel hazardous waste safely away from your site.

In order to save you cost and time, we will advise whether and which part of the demolition will be carried out manually or with machinery. This way you are ahead because we have your best interest at heart.

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Our work is varied and we are experienced in many settings, including:

  • Renovations strip outs
  • Flood and fire demolitions
  • Shop front strip outs
  • School refurbishment
  • Termite damage strip outs
  • Warehouse dismantling
  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
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