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You’re in good hands because we care that we do the right thing by you. We take your rubbish away and leave your site tidy. We make a each job simple and fuss-free.

We minimise landfill and salvage responsibly because we care about our planet. When you contract us to remove your rubbish, you know that we will do our best to direct your materials to be recycled, re-use and repurposed.

If asbestos is involved, we will carry out the removal to safety standards so that the integrity of your health is preserved. All our staff are trained to regulation standards and take safety seriously. For more information about our asbestos removal protocol, see Asbestos Removal.

All hazardous materials are removed safely and efficiently, using our industry know-how to minimise cost without compromising on industry compliance standards.

salvaged bricks

Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose

We care about our planet and we are passionate about reusing its materials and resources respectfully.

In a country full of growth and development, there’s a high demand on materials, resources and waste management. So here at project demolition we prioritise to take these factors into consideration. We effectively minimise our impact to landfill by focusing on recycling, reusing and repurposing.

Our goal is not profit, but respect. We are not aiming to make money here because the hours needed to salvage does not make this profitable. It’s simply because we know the value of our planet that we respect its resources and take the time and care to save materials to be re-used or repurposed.

Locate materials to salvage

Our first step is locating materials that can be salvaged, whether they be timber, glass, metal, rocks, flora and fauna. In this reconnaissance, we also identify and locate asbestos for safety reasons.


We move salvageable materials such as hardwood timber, roofing sheets, kitchens, doors, windows, tiles, plants, beehives in roofs. If it still can be used, it’s our goal to resell directly, pass on to salvage yards or donate to people in need.

Asbestos Containment

Once all the salvageable items and materials are taken out, we carry out a thorough process of asbestos containment by removing the asbestos containing material (ACM). Our staff are trained and qualified to remove ACM to workplace health and safety code of practice.


Our second last step is to sift through for recyclables such as scrap metal, bricks, tiles and concrete to be taken to the appropriate designated recycle facility.

Waste to landfill

Finally, we take what’s left as waste to landfill. And we drive away knowing that we have done an honest day’s work and we are taking steps to look after our planet.

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